The Bandit and the Widow: Forbidden Feelings Book 3 by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

An Action-Packed & Suspenseful Slow-Burn Historical Romance Series

Escaping from the inn after a group of men tell Santiago to choose between Giselle and his horse, the two unlikely allies head east once more. The way is long and dangerous for Santiago and Giselle and he is now determined to keep his distance from her to avoid any unnecessary complications despite his feelings.

She wants the same thing, but they are too curious about one another to keep it up for long and eventually Santiago admits that he has feelings for Giselle that he cannot act on. With that revelation, the relationship continues to be strained until they reach the end of the South Pass.

There they meet with Santiago’s friend, Maahe. But there is also danger here too. Charles Abernathy and his men, enemies of Santiago, catch up with them and it leaves Santiago facing his worst nightmare.

How does he survive against the odds, while having Giselle to protect? Should he just run now and leave her or has his relationship with the alluring woman gone too far now?

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