The Knock Back by Lexy Timms

He is going to be a major league star one day, and he knows it. Incredibly popular with students and staff, even while quiet and reserved, Gavin Freeman is the kind of guy that everyone thinks lives the best kind of charmed life. But while his childhood haunts him and his parents eagerly try to siphon money away from him, Gavin puts on a brave face and plays the role everyone expects of him in the quiet Georgia college where he is the star of their competitive baseball team.
When he meets a girl named Star, who becomes the focus of his intense attraction, he finds an unlikely wingman in her roommate, softball player Lila. If he can help her with her grades, she will help him get into Star’s orbit. The only problem is, Gavin might be finding himself enjoying her company more than he expected, and their friendship is getting dangerously strong.
Lila has a lot of stress in her life. She has overbearing parents who don’t understand her love of sports and lack of financial planning. She has classes that seem to completely befuddle her, despite the fact that she knows she could get it if she just had better professors. And perhaps biggest of all, she has a the world’s most perfect artist girl as a roommate. She loves Star almost like a sister, but the two of them together couldn’t possibly be mistaken as related.
Tall and a little bulky, Lila is a hell of a softball player, but doesn’t exactly look runway-ready like Star. But she can’t fault her somewhat spacy friend for it. It’s just who she is. But when the gorgeous and friendly star baseball player asks for her help to meet Star, Lila finds herself in an interesting situation. He tutors her to pass her classes if she can get him into Star’s ever-fleeting attention span long enough to date her. But the tutoring is turning out to be too much fun, and the most she hangs out with Gavin, the more she begins to regret introducing the two of them.
Their friendship only gets stronger, and after a while, a question begins to loom. Is she falling for her roommate’s boyfriend?


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