The Widow and Her Feelings: Freedom, Confusion, and Conflict book by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Preorder Release

An Action-Packed & Suspenseful Slow-Burn Historical Romance Series

Captured by Charles Abernathy and his desperate gang, it looks like it could be the end of the road for Santiago. Who knows what Giselle would have to endure.
Luckily, his old friend Maahe returns in time to free them and with one of the Abernathy brothers lying dead, Santiago believes that it will take some time for his brother, James, to focus on anything else, giving them a chance to escape.
Santiago sets Giselle free, but with nowhere else to go, she decides to go back home with him. He confesses his feelings for her and it causes her to look within herself as well, only to discover that what she feels about him is the same.
They head for Santiago’s father’s farm, but soon after they arrive, disaster strikes. The house soon lies in ruins, burnt to the ground by fire.
Now, with nothing to fall back on, Giselle will have to make a decision once more about what she wants from life. And this time she is going to have to make the right one.

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