The Bride’s Sacrifice: The Union of a Lifetime by Faith Isabel Bloom

Cover Reveal and New Preorder Release

An Action-Packed & Suspenseful Slow-Burn Historical Romance Series

Giselle makes a huge sacrifice and convinces Ignacio to travel with her to Kansas. He reluctantly agrees and helps her to go back to the Abbot family. When Santiago discovers what his friend has done, he doubts his intentions and just wants Giselle to verbally reject him once and for all so he can move one.
James captures Santiago in Kansas and demands to know where his brother is, but Santiago manages to get away by feigning ignorance. With James blinded by his greed, Giselle arrives at the Abbot house to find out that William intended to wed her instead of putting her through a trial for her so-called crimes.
Ignacio manages to stall the ceremony while Santiago races to get to them.
Will he make it in time and prevent the woman he loves from making a terrible mistake? And will they get their share of the bounty money and be able to pay off the debt Santiago’s father has on the farm?
The stage is set for a thrilling finale to an epic journey and the chance of love a second time round.

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