Mesozoic Mates: A Jurassic Tale by Avery Meadows

New Release!!!

A word of warning . . . From author Avery Meadows comes a dark enemies-to-lovers alien romance about Mesozoic dinosaur shifters and the fated human mates they track down and capture.

One might think an invasion by aliens ranks as the worst thing that could possibly ever happen, but Capri Smythe’s here to tell you, it’s not. Neither is being hunted by not one but two aliens–a dinosaur shifter and a lizard-skinned reptilian. Nope. Because right now, Earth’s facing a 6th major extinction event, kicked off by the reversal of the magnetic poles.

Only one thing stands in the way of her total annihilation. He’s huge, has a bad attitude, replicates himself, and the toothy giant really, really likes the way she smells . . .

**Want to read early chapters as they’re written . . . before released in eBook? Check them out on Kindle Vella or Radish:

Kindle Vella:


NOTE: this book is part of a series and contains a cliffhanger. Read all books in order; they’re not standalone works.

This Jurassic romance tale of love ventures into the deepest, darkest themes of both the human and alien psyche. The cliffhangers, violence, and adult situations aren’t for the faint of heart. This series promotes consensual sexual acts—not forced.

Consider this statement a trigger warning. Read at your own risk.



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