Beautiful Darkness by Autumn Gaze

New Release

You can have anything you want in life… You just can’t have everything you want…

Gareth is Fae.

Sort of. His mother was a Nymph, and with that cross, he finds himself to be irresistible to, well, everything. Fae, Nymph, Troll, Dwarf, hell, even Vampires have a hard time not following him around like a lost puppy. But that’s part of the problem, none of his connections are ever real. It’s always because of his glamor.

That is, except his brother, who is like the anti-Gareth in that he pushes everyone away. And his father, the head of the military for the mighty Fae army, who wants Gareth to take his place someday and is seemingly stuck with the brother Rowan instead.

Astrid of Lansing is the daughter of a powerful general in the Vampire army. After years of losing land, power and wealth to the domineering Fae army, her father is trying to keep the drumbeat of war away while she finds herself.

When a chance encounter crosses Gareth, Rowan and Astrid’s paths, it sets off a chain reaction of lust, war and power that threatens to destroy the entire Magik realms, and bleed over into the blissfully unaware Human ones as well.

When secrets are unveiled, and loyalties are tested, will Gareth and Astrid fall for each other despite it being ‘technically’ impossible? Or will their allegiance to their own kind continue the war between the mortal enemies of Fae and Vampire.



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