Farra and the Hooded Hunter by Taylor Lee

Resilient Heart Book 1


Trusting him could get her killed. Trusting her is his only chance to survive.

This half Mur Queen, half Helyein Princess, will do almost anything to keep her identity a secret, protect her mistress, and find her way home.

Eighteen-year-old Farra SinClair—lost at sea during her father’s fiery war—has spent the last twelve years hiding as a servant to humans. Rumors whisper about her enemy alive and well, searching for her. Hiding in the secluded Faithful Lands is the perfect camouflage until betrayal forces her to go astray.

Sacrificing herself to save her mistress, she becomes a willing captive of a hooded Helyein hunter named Rivyn. On the run in a foreign land, Farra must think fast. The powers she’s concealed for so long begin to surface in uncontrollable bursts. Learning of a rebellion and backed into a corner by a young king who wants her for one thing, and one thing only, she knows she must escape before it’s too late.

Rivyn quickly proves to be the vicious monster Farra has always been afraid of, but he’s alluring in his own way. He’s also the only one who knows a way over the sea to her father’s kingdom, and the truth about the war. Rivyn has plans of his own though—vengeful, murderous plans.

Killing for power and control might be in Farra’s blood, but compassion for innocent things lives in her heart. When she finds out what Rivyn wants her to do, she lands at a crossroads that both end with someone’s blood on her hands.

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