Truth and Consequences by Faith Justice

What does archaeology student Danielle Herring discover in the shadows of her family tree? Corruption, murder, sex, and a serial killer ring.

She’s the only biological heir to an estate, things should be simple, right? She’s accompanied by the family attorney, Stephen Briggs, on what she thinks is a quick will-reading in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

She doesn’t count on one of the conditions of the will including a hot-blooded—make that a HOT!—Veterinarian she has to share a home with in order to claim her inheritance.

Things couldn’t get worse, could they?

This pulse-racing, emotionally charged novel proves some deep-seated secrets and desires are buried so deep in the soil, that bringing them to the surface requires Truth or Consequences.

For readers 18+. Contains profanity, violence, and mature sexual content.

States of Panic books are written as standalone bodies, so readers may read them in any order.


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