Sentinel Series by Brenda Nichols

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From Book 1: Hunting the dead is tricky business. Sometimes the hunter becomes the prey.�

Bethany Sayers never wanted to return to her hometown, but the fires have started again. Always eight, always at Christmas time, just like the one that orphaned her twenty-seven years ago. What she doesn’t expect is a phantom child to be the culprit. She’s hunted spirits before, but never one so young, and seeking answers from the dead adds new complications. To make matters worse, she draws Todd Rollins into her mess. She should have left him alone, but the connection they shared as kids tugs at her heart with a force she can’t deny.�

Todd Rollins believes in the science of his work and not much else until Bethany Sayers upends his rational world. After seventeen years she strolls back into his life with tales of ghosts and the stuff of bad reality TV. If it were anyone else, he’d have laughed them out of town, but the old bond comes roaring back stronger than ever. Not only does she drag him into places of dreams and nightmares but awakens feelings he thought were dead and buried. When she stakes her life on one horrible gamble, he rushes in with only one thought on his mind. He’d lost her once and would be damned if he’d lose her again.

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