Kevin Ramos Books

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Love, Pyromania, and the Little Matchgirl: Hayley’s Sense of Fire (DLG Twisted Fairy Tales for Young Adult Readers 14+)

Fiery mayhem and dastardly death have followed Hayley all her young life.

She longs for love in all its facets, but can she keep herself-destructive instincts at bay long enough to let it in. Sixteen-years-old and already responsible for several deaths by arson in a court of public opinion: her mother, grandmother, four derelicts in a factory, and now her father has succumb to a fire-related death, as well.

The only common denominator in all deaths, Hayley Rosado.

Enough: Tales from the Crib & Beyond (Growing Pains Book 1)

Enough is the recollections of a man struggling to understand his Love/Hate/Oye Vey relationship with his addict mother, and why he can’t seem to remember where she’s buried.

In his search for understanding, he uses his past life follies to inform his present-day self of change; thereby, achieving recovery. A work-in-progress, a reward within itself, provides him with the knowledge he will prevail.

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