The Spirit Hunter and the Goddess War by Brenda Nichols

New Release

Sentinel Book 4

An insane immortal, the race to find an ancient coin, a finish line that should never have been crossed.

Beth never asked to be part of a scheme to free a goddess of shadow and dazzle, but a madman’s dreams have other plans for her. Months of travel, conversations with the living and the dead, making deals with angels, demons, and Death himself have led her here.

Used, kidnapped, threatened, and Todd’s life in jeopardy, all will be lost or won in the war at the Seventh Gate. Monsters of the old world will be unleashed, and if the man she loves doesn’t find her, she may lose her immortal soul as well.

Todd has fought, come close to dying, and still Beth is taken. His only means of finding her are the unbreakable bond forged in blood and old magic tattooed on his skin. An angel of light, his fallen brother, and a hellhound he doesn’t trust aren’t the ideal traveling companions, but they’re all he’s got.

At the end of his rope and out of time, love may find her, but will it be enough?

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