Bitter Flavor by Lexy Timms

New Release

Who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet…

Nick is extremely successful, locally well-known and incredibly talented.

If only that was enough.

After feeling betrayed by Alex, the two find a way to start to come back together just in time for his ex-girlfriend, Holly, to return. And she brings chaos with her.

With an insane ex, a television show to compete on and his business to continue to run, can Nick find a way to still patch up his relationship with Alex and find happiness?


She just wanted to help.

That was her problem though, every time she tried to help, she somehow made things worse.

Determined to break the cycle, when things get chaotic, Alex goes along with Nick’s surprise plan and ends up on television as his assistant! But will their rocky relationship make it through? Or will the crazy challenges of their relationship be harder to overcome than the gimmicky ones on the TV baking competition?

The Coffee Shop Romance Series
A Rich Aftertaste
A Bitter Flavor
Baked to Perfection

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