Farra and the Prince of Fury by Taylor Lee

New Preorder Release

Resilient Hearts Book 2

Farra finds herself alone with her worst nightmare, the Prince of Fury. Still struggling to control her fiery powers, uncover the deep memories about her mother, and the end of the Helyein war, she only knows one thing for sure—she will not leave Muru without rescuing Felicity, and she can’t do that as a hostage.

Locked underground in a brutal negotiation, Farra has to make a choice: turn Rivyn over to someone who’s already betrayed her once and hope for the best or find a way to break through his stubborn and relentless suspicions, so they can save her mistress—and possibly each other.

Making a deal with Rivyn would be easier if she could figure out what he really wanted. But the more questions Farra asks, the more allusive he becomes about his true intentions. With another way to return to her father’s Kingdom, and hunters closing in, Farra can see it’s Rivyn’s need for protection that keeps him playing games. But the more pieces of their pasts she clicks together, the more tangled in a web of mixed feelings she becomes.

Both abandoned as children of war, Rivyn could be every bit the misunderstood monster she was. Maybe, he needs a lesson or two on the value of life. Maybe, he’s looking for someone to understand him. Or, just maybe, he’s something evil, preying on her sensitive nature.

All signs point to one truth, but Farra’s heart-throbbing instincts keep her fighting against it. She can’t be certain if it’s the blade at her throat or something else that keeps her a captive for the Prince of Fury.

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