Baked to Perfection by Lexy Timms

New Release

The secret ingredient in baking is always love…

Nick thought the future was bright. Chosen for a famous baking competition TV show, and partnering with Alex, things seemed to be looking great. He also thought he had gotten rid of his ex, Holly, for good. But now, he stands outside of the burning wreckage of his precious Coffee Shop, feeling like everything he ever worked for has turned to ash.

With the help of Alex, can Nick overcome the struggle of his loss and the rigors of competition to end up on the other side with more than he started with? Or will the stress and intensity of the moment break him?

Alex is about to go to blows with the simpering Holly, who claims the fire was an accident when she knows better but won’t for Nick’s sake. But when he decides to go back to the competition, she realizes she might be in for more than she can handle.

With their already tumultuous relationship, her rudimentary baking skills, insane challenges, misleading and tricky television producers, and a contestant both trying to seduce and sabotage Nick, can Alex hold things together long enough to survive?

Or will the Holiday Baking Competition drain the last of any good will her relationship with Nick has left?

The Coffee Shop Romance Series

A Rich Aftertaste
A Bitter Flavor
Baked to Perfection

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