A Highlander for Christmas by Christina Skye

Draycott Abbey Paranormal Romance Book 7

A Hauntingly Beautiful Scottish Romance

When American jewelry expert Maggie Kincade arrives at Draycott Abbey, she’s stunned to feel as if the abbey’s weathered stone walls are somehow…familiar. To her surprise, the hauntingly beautiful English manor soothes her troubled soul. But her peace is shattered by the arrival of a tall, rugged Scotsman who claims he’s been sent to protect her. From the start, Maggie bristles under his keen scrutiny–yet the slightest brush of his hand stirs odd dreams and strange memories, in her heart and soul… 

Rugged Scotsman Jared MacNeil arrives at the hauntingly beautiful abbey under protest, vowing this security assignment will be his very last. Only he knows of the unbreakable curse that haunts all MacNeil men. But Jared is enchanted by the stubborn American assigned to his care. Beneath Maggie’s fragile bravado he senses a woman desperately in need of help. Despite all his honorable vows, Maggie intrigues him, and a brief kiss enflames dangerous feelings… that almost could be memories.

Then an old danger stalks Maggie to the high hills of Scotland, and Jared must call in old ghostly protectors. He will move heaven and earth to keep Maggie safe, even if the curse of his Highland visions warn that he will be too late. 

Originally published by Avon Books under the title THE PERFECT GIFT.

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