Mine to Hold by Paige Price

New Preorder Release

Mafia Bride Wars Book 1

From author Paige Price comes a mafia strangers-to-lovers bully romance about a mafia underboss and his rebellious bride . . .

My hellish nightmare has a name, Nicholas MacCarthy.

He has one thing on his mind, strengthening the Brotherhood by any means possible.




The man is domineering, high-handed, and overbearing. He’s about as warm and fuzzy as a scorpion ready to strike. He’s ruthless, overbearing, and calculating. He’s not above cracking the whip and handing out punishments as he sees fit. He’s got another side though, one I both crave and view with fervent trepidation. But the man has ties to the Irish mafia, so I should keep my distance.

Angel Aisa-Biel is a hell spawn looking to claw her way out of the Mexican cartel as well as my bed.

She has the mouth of a sailor and seeks to spread her preverbal wings all in the name of freedom.




I have four rules, and my bride-to-be is dead-set on disobeying every single one of them.

Rule #1: No Running Away

Rule #2: Listen and Obey

Rule #3: No Talking Back

Rule #4: No Cursing

I’m not a patient, but I am a persistent man. A man on a direct mission from my capo: claim my bride. And I’ll dismantle anything and anyone who comes between me and my future wife.

We share an undeniable connection and a common enemy that binds us together.

One look is all it took to capture my eye.

One fiery, heated kiss leads us to a red-hot passion.

One sensual touch sends us both spiraling out of control.

Claiming her as mine and ripping through her defenses is wrong, and I know it. But I don’t care, not one bit, because the girl’s mine to hold!

NOTE: this book is part of a series and contains a cliffhanger. Read all books in order; they’re not standalone works.

This dark mafia series ventures into the deepest, darkest themes of the human psyche. The cliffhangers, violence, and adult situations aren’t for the faint of heart. This series promotes consensual sexual acts—not forced.

Consider this statement a trigger warning. Read at your own risk!

Bookfunnel: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/rs3qoj8inn

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