Nunnery Brides by Kathryn le Veque

Now Available in Kindle Unlimited

Never judge a bride by her habit… or a nun by her vows.

Nothing speaks more strongly of romance than a woman resigned to facing a life a religious servitude suddenly finding herself with a suitor… and a soulmate.

Medieval Historical Romance has never been more surprising, intense, or sexy. In this four-book collection, you’ll discover the good, the very bad, and the passionate of knights and their nunnery brides. This is a spectacular collection for all lovers of Historical Romance – loves, and couples, such as these transcend all genres.

Want to be ‘in love’ with love? This collection is for you!

This bundle includes:

Dark Steel – a new duke and his nunnery bride discover subversion, politics, and each other in this memorable tale.

Nighthawk – de Wolfe’s greatest son finds an abducted postulate – and his destiny – in this sweeping romantic epic.

By The Unholy Hand – Assassins find themselves in the position of preventing the death of a king with the help of a novice nun in this can’t-put-down romantic feast.

Devil’s Dominion – A brutal knight bent on revenge for the death of his family raids an abbey for a hostage… and finds love instead of hatred.

Read this limited-edition collection for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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