Book of Light & Shadow Box Set #2 by April A. Luna

Follow Sophia Mahoney as she steps between waking realities into the world she never knew existed. A world full of dark and white magic. A world where witches and gargoyles battle for a foothold. Sophia, born from both the light and darkness, must make a choice. Which side will she choose, light or dark?


The love saga continues with Betrayal, when a series of malicious, ritualistic killings consume the city of San Antonio.

Sophia once again finds herself surrounded by danger. Amid the turmoil, she is forced to choose between the light and the darkness. Sophia knows her decision has the grave potential to ignite and unleash an ageless war between Wiccans and gargoyles. Time is of the essence, and Sophia has one additional decision to make—life or death. Who will live, and who will die?


Torn between her irrevocable love for Aden and an intense passion and need for peace, Sophia seeks to build neutral ground between opposing fae in hopes to find both acceptance and redemption.

She’s led down one path by her intense desire for Aden, and on another by her profound connection to her human ties and her growing abilities. Sophia’s choice to walk a fine line between light and dark threatens to unfold the very fabric of time and space. Will her choices heal the wounds of the past, or will they destroy the future


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