Christmas in Black Rock by Luna James

Blurb: When a tall, handsome man named Sebastian Vaughn moves to Black Rock, Virginia, no one would’ve believed what his true motive was for moving to the small coal-mining town. Victoria Lane meets Sebastian one night at Rick’s Bar & Grill and becomes intrigued. She’s instantly drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

It’s the holiday season and Tori couldn’t be happier. As she gets to know Sebastian, she learns he loved Christmas as a kid. However, people change and Sebastian despises the holiday now. Tori takes it upon herself to make him fall in love with Christmas again.

Will Tori be able to change Sebastian’s mind about Christmas? Will he ever tell Tori what happened long ago to cause his dislike for the holiday season?

Find out in this intriguing prequel to Transformed, The Black Rock Series Book One.

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