Joint Services by Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze

Newly Released

I am a warrior not because I always win, but because I always fight…


Sam Rusev is the youngest of the brothers and an Army general. As the biggest of the brothers, he has always felt a need to protect. But the military isn’t his career choice forever, and though he rose fast up the ranks, he wants to get out and do something fun with the rest of his life, hopefully with a partner like two of his brothers have.

While on leave for his brothers wedding, Sam is called to a mission at the border of Afghanistan. But not before a night on the town and a chance meeting with a girl who rocks his world. When he finds out she is also going on the same mission as an Army doc, he wonders if he can control his desire for her, and if their passion is too dangerous for them to survive!


Rosa is almost done with her time in the military and is looking forward to spending her days with Doctors Without Borders. But while on her last leave, she meets Sam, and finds out she will be traveling with him in the sandbox of Afghanistan. But when the situation gets hairy really quickly, and she cant seem to keep her desire for Sam or her emotions about it in check, it threatens to spell disaster for both of them. When it all hits the fan, can she keep her head straight, or will love be the thing that ends her?

Department of Defense Series:

Dead Ahead
Blue Falcon
Joint Service
Indirect Attack


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