Indirect Attack by Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze

New Release

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor…


I chose to become a Marine, but that choice came with sacrifices. Instead of living a quiet life with the girl next door, I’m serving my country, facing danger, and keeping those who can’t protect themselves safe. Except now, my high school sweetheart is back in my life, and she’s the one in danger. When an international terrorist group kidnaps her, will I lose her forever just when I’ve found her again?


I fell in love with the boy next door, but he broke my heart trying to save me from the pain of loving a soldier. But even though I’ve tried, I’ve never found anyone to take his place. When he walks back into my life, I’m overjoyed but cautious—will he stay for good this time or leave my heart in pieces again? But when the find of a lifetime of a rare artifact puts me in a dangerous situation, I’m not sure I’ll live long enough to find out.

Department of Defense Series:

Dead Ahead
Blue Falcon
Joint Service
Indirect Attack


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