Once Upon a Christmas Knight by Barbara Devlin

**Pirates of the Coast Book 6

A chance meeting, two lonely hearts, a magical Christmas gift, and a love that will last a lifetime.

By her own admission, Margaret Hogart is considered the lesser twin. Resigned to a life of mediocrity, she hides her true talent and avoids the spotlight. Then one night changes everything, when she meets a gallant knight, at a masquerade ball. While her mysterious hero steals a kiss, he does not reveal his identity. Can Margaret find the man who claimed her heart?

After a scandal rocks his family, Percival Howe delays his plans to woo the woman of his dreams and withdraws from society, until John Hogart begs an audience. Saddled with debt, and on the verge of insolvency, after trusting an unscrupulous investor, Hogart begs for Percival’s help, in exchange for Margaret’s hand in marriage. Will Percival accept the offer?

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