Love Notes by Lexy Timms

New Preorder Release

We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over…

I stood in the elevator, all my things in a cardboard box. Surrounding me, nearly every other employee clutched their own belongings, all of us let go on the same day. The nerve of that man! After taking over as CEO, Brad Miller kicked us all out. I would never forgive him for that.

Just three months later, there was a job posting for his assistant, and I seized the chance to win my way back into the company. I was going to make him sorry he ever bought the tech design firm. Behind the scenes, I would do whatever it took to right his horrific wrong and welcome all my friends back to their old jobs.

However, I wasn’t counting on his alarming good looks, or the way he made me feel whenever he walked by.

When he had me book a luxury business trip to Paris, I nearly forgot all about sabotaging him. That is until he made it very clear that he was looking for more than just an assistant.

The Takeover Series

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, brings you a new contemporary billionaire romance with the perfect mix of steam, romantic comedy, a dash or romantic suspense and a whole lot of billionaire troubles…

Love Notes
Fine Print
Over Time
Rumor Mill
Jingle Balls



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