Nathan – CEO BROTHERS by Lexy Timms

If you focus on results, things will never change.

Aleena Redding comes from a wealthy, connected family, but she is ready to forge her own path.

She takes a job as an intern at the prestigious Redwall Enterprises, convinced she landed it on her own.

Nathan Redwall, her boss and CEO of the company, corrects her assumptions. She’s nothing but an entitled young woman in his eyes. She sets out to prove him wrong.

Over the course of their working relationship, the chemistry between them cannot be ignored. When he runs into an issue with a difficult client, it’s Aleena who gets to show just how tough she can be.

Book 1 – Tempting the Player
Book 2 – Late Night Boardroom
Book 3 – Reviewing the Performance
Book 4 – Results of Passion
Book 5 – Directing the Next Move
Book 6 – Touching the Assets

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