Crossroads Series by Denise Spain

Love and monsters collide on a mysterious roadway. Can a mysterious ally help Ettie and Nolan find her aunt’s killer?

Ettie has her hands full at her father’s benefit dinner in Spokane. First, she has to deal with her best friend and possible love of her life, Nolan, burying his pain and the past at the bottom of a bottle. To top it all off, her perpetually tipsy mother is on a rampage. The only saving grace of the night is Ettie’s Aunt Harriet and cousin, Mac.

The night turns sideways when the venue is plunged into darkness and everyone but Ettie, her mother, and cousin Mac disappear. The world rights itself only to find Harriet dead.

The trail to her aunt’s killer leads Ettie and her cousin Mac to Riverfront Park and a towering stone monolith straight out of the ancient world. Will it lead them to the killer? Will Ettie and Nolan reconcile their love before shadows destroy the world?

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