Christmas at Green River Cove by Lisa Colodny

New Preorder Release

When the opportunity to oversee her company’s acquisition of Green River Cove’s local bottling company, Avery jumps at the chance to visit with her family and reconnect with her best friends from high school, Paige and Brooke. What she did not expect was to run into, Rhem, her senior prom date. Hadn’t he married and moved away?

Imagine her surprise to discover he was divorced and had returned to Green River Cove to refurbish an old, aging hotel, slated to be demolished. As Rhem works to breathe new life into the hotel, Avery focuses on readying the bottling company for its acquisition. And when the unexpected happens, she begins to question choices she’s made, both past and present.

Nothing will stand in her way as she fights for the people and town she loves, even if it means losing the life she’s built since leaving. Christmas in Green River Cove is an enduring tale of love, family, and faith. One that will last for all time.

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