Hot News by Caleb Pine

**A Perfect Order Series Book 1** Cody never thought he would be able to find someone else after the death of his fiancé, Ash. He knew the scar on his heart from being rejected from Ash’s family was very prominent on his heart. He never expected a Chicago reporter to walk in to make himContinue reading “Hot News by Caleb Pine”

The Accidental Duke now in Audio!

Mad Matchmakers of Waterloo Series by Barbara Devlin What happens when the Mad Matchmakers of Waterloo join forces to find wives for each other? Delectable chaos. And no woman in London is safe. A Wounded Warrior…. British Army Major Anthony Erasmus Hildebrand Bartlett, 7th Marquess of Rockingham, returns to London a tortured soul after losingContinue reading “The Accidental Duke now in Audio!”

A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour

New Preorder Release When doors creak in darkened chambers and eerie sounds echo through the corridors. When the distant sounds of church bells signal the midnight hour — that is the time when spirits dwell, singing their spectral requiem for lost loves and beckoning the living with ghostly fingers… join us, join us…. Welcome toContinue reading “A Midnight Requiem: The Ghostly Hour”

Valued by the Viscount by Alexa Aston

New Release A reformed rogue who yearns for a love match. A widow who’s been tossed from her home. A house party meant to bring lovers together . . . Reed Davenport is a womanizer enjoying a carefree life until his beloved father dies. Now Viscount Boxling, Reed takes his responsibilities seriously, including providing anContinue reading “Valued by the Viscount by Alexa Aston”

The Proposal by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release A Runaway Bride and Her Escape Book 1 An Action-Packed & Suspenseful Slow-Burn Historical Romance Series Giselle Kennedy struggles on with life in 1847 America, working as a governess for a wealthy family following the death of her husband three years before.Even after all this time, she still mourns her husband’s passing andContinue reading “The Proposal by Faith Isabel Bloom”

A Highlander for Christmas by Christina Skye

Draycott Abbey Paranormal Romance Book 7 A Hauntingly Beautiful Scottish Romance ONE STRONG WOMAN When American jewelry expert Maggie Kincade arrives at Draycott Abbey, she’s stunned to feel as if the abbey’s weathered stone walls are somehow…familiar. To her surprise, the hauntingly beautiful English manor soothes her troubled soul. But her peace is shattered by theContinue reading “A Highlander for Christmas by Christina Skye”

Caranna Baro and the Legacy Mark by Iuliana Foos

Now in Audio!!! Happiness is a rare commodity in the middle of a centuries-long war dividing the galaxy. Born and raised in times of war, Caranna Baro refuses to settle for being a powerful sorceress. She craves recognition, the Dark Lady title, and she stops at nothing to reach her goal. But she needs aContinue reading “Caranna Baro and the Legacy Mark by Iuliana Foos”

Aliens on Earth by Multiple Authors

New Preorder Release: Aliens on Earth a Limited Edition Science Fiction Romance Collection (Limited Edition Romance Collections) What’s worse than being mated to an alien warrior? Finding out your new mate is exiled to Earth, which means your hopes of getting off this forsaken rock just went out the window of his broken down spaceship.Continue reading “Aliens on Earth by Multiple Authors”

The New Boss by Various Authors

New Preorder Release The boss will see you now… In this collection you can expect delectable sexual tension, all the witty banter, and steamy hookup goodness.These men are smart, audacious and sexy as sin with a body to match. They are in control and know how to take charge. WIth late night deadlines and tripsContinue reading “The New Boss by Various Authors”

Dead Ahead by Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze

New Release Department of Defense Series Book 1 Blurb: The only easy day was yesterday… Tri: I’m a Navy SEAL on a mission to find out what’s happening in a politically-charged environment. When things go horribly wrong, I find myself saddled with my exact opposite: a female scientist who never runs out of questions orContinue reading “Dead Ahead by Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze”