Chrysalis by Drew Kientz

A Perfect Order Series Book 1

Juniper Appleblossom is a drug addict, self-appointed rock star, and unknowingly one of the most powerful Enlightened ever to walk the Earth. After meeting Dr. Tuppence Buckingham at gunpoint, she is dragged into a world of secret societies where people with special abilities jockey for power while holding back threats who prey on mankind. 

In a matter of days, Juniper discovers that demons, spirits, and witches are all very real, and a 187-year-old French man tells her she is supposed to be mankind’s latest budding savior. Even though her powers develop faster than anyone else who has come before, Juniper is more concerned with getting her next fix. 

She’ll have to bring together clashing lifestyles if she has any hope at tackling her first supernatural threat. A local Arkansan Cherokee tribe has a wendigo problem, and she’s the only one who can stop it.

The Accidental Groom by Barbara Devlin

New Preorder Release

A tortured soldier, a gentle spirit, and a love that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to book 2, The Accidental Groom from USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara Devlin

Injured at Quatre Bras, Lord Rawden Durant, Earl of Beaulieu, suffers permanent emotional and physical wounds. Hiding a dark secret, he fears exposure that would destroy him. He does not want a wife, and he never intends to marry. Like his friends, the Mad Matchmakers, he battles enemies real and imagined, which an unknown villain exploits. When Rawden discovers the dreadful circumstances faced by the lady he desires, he makes an offer he never expected and finds himself engaged to the woman of his dreams.

The daughter of a disgraced general, Miss Patience Wallace teeters on the brink of insolvency and ruin. Given her position in society, which defines her as chattel, she must stand by helplessly when her father sells her in marriage to her nemesis, the Earl of Beaulieu. But all is not as it seems, as she surrenders to Beaulieu’s kisses. When the brash warrior bares an irresistible, vulnerable boyishness, she alters her course.

Thus, Patience embarks on a monumental task to help the tormented veteran break free of his painful past and learn to live and love again.

The Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo
The Accidental Duke
The Accidental Groom
The Accidental Hero



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New Releases by Kathryn Le Veque

‘Castle of Bones’ is a brand-new release, never before published. This is Hermes’ novel. It’s such a creepy-fun Gothic goody that I’m sure you’re going to love it. It’s complex, but there are layers of the complexities that all pan out into something fun, sexy, and Gothic-y. Yes, that’s a word I just made up. But it suits this super-fun book!

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Now, along with ‘Castle of Bones’, the companion book, ‘Nevermore’, has also released. ‘Nevermore’ is Atreus’ tale and was part of a Halloween collection last year that hit the USA Today Bestseller’s list. This book is also fully of Gothic-y goodness with an added touch of Edgar Allan Poe. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re in for a treat.

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Almost a Scot by Jade Lee

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Sometimes a Lady Needs a Villain.

Welcome to book 3 in the bestselling series Always a Scot from USA Today Bestselling author Jade Lee.


Iseabail Spalding is on the run, desperately searching for a man who can stand up to her uncle. She’s hiding in London, pretending to be an empty-headed debutante, but someone has discovered her secret. The villainous seducer Reuben Bates demands she bend to his will or be exposed.


Reuben means to marry into the aristocracy, and if that means leveraging Miss Spalding’s secrets to his advantage, well, that’s her problem. Until she surprises him. The clever beauty matches him scheme for scheme. Better yet, she sees his merit even though he is nothing but a gutter rat with big plans. Then she runs out of time, and he’s sworn to abandon her.


Reuben must give up the future he’s always wanted to help the angel who’s caught his eye. It won’t work unless Iseabail trusts him completely, and trust is the one thing she will not do. But she can love, and he can adapt.

Together they’ll risk everything, including their lives, to face an entrenched evil in Scotland.

Always a Scot
Book 1: Lord Scot
Book 2: Lady Scot
Book 3: Almost a Scot



The Escape by Faith Isabel Bloom

New Release

Giselle Kennedy is wondering if running away to California was such a good idea. She is now in hiding with Santiago, the man who kidnapped her, and to make matters worse, he’s injured.

As she treats his wounds and keeps him safe from capture from the gang of men who had ambushed them earlier, they grow closer. But even as this bond develops between them, they both convince themselves that they aren’t attracted to each other.

Once Santiago is sufficiently healed, the two head for Fort Hall where they are able to buy supplies. It is at this lonely outpost that Giselle discovers that Santiago has taken her treasured locket and sent it away with one of his friends.

Carrying on east, they come upon an inn. It’s clear that Santiago isn’t welcome and now Giselle has her chance to be free of him when a group of men ask her if she needs help.

What will she do? Can she trust a group of men she’s never met before or is she better off taking her chances with the outlaw she is slowly falling for?

The Tiger’s Lady by Christina Skye

A Passionate Regency Adventure (Dangerous Heroes Book 3)

★⋰⋰⋱★⋰⋰⋱ Dark passion and haunting danger in the smoky streets of Victorian London

Dark passion and haunting danger in the smoky streets of Victorian London

In the winding streets of Victorian London, one woman knows deadly secrets. Now she is stalked by a ruthless enemy in search of vital information she must guard at all cost. As her hope is nearly gone, she is caught in the strong arms of an exotic stranger and swept away to a steamy paradise that hides forbidden passions. To both lovers. Only trust will bring the promise of enduring love and passion beyond price.

Fierce protector or dark betrayer?

To London’s rich and powerful he is Deveril Pagan, Viscount St. Cyr, envied by all men and desired by all women. But in the mist-covered emerald hills of Ceylon, he is called the Tiger Sahib, and he is haunted by the curse of a priceless, fabled ruby — whose blood-red facets pulse with a savage power that drives men to unquenchable greed and women to unspeakable desire.

Lovers bound by darkest destiny.

From the glittering corridors of London’s elite to the wind-swept shores of colonial Ceylon, Barrett and Pagan flee their fierce fate that throbs in the crimson heart of the legendary jewel … driving them to stolen passion and unthinkable evil in the sultry, tropical nights. When all her memories are lost in the wake of a deadly attack, Barrett is left defenseless. Only one man stands between the wounded beauty and the darkness … and he might be the greatest threat of all…

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Growing Pains: Tales from the Crib & Beyond.

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The Road to Mayhem MC Romance Anthology

Now Up For Preorder

The paths to salvation all look the same when the road to Mayhem is paved with blood and sin.

They are the men who take the roads less traveled. Live by their own rules.


Men who live and breathe chaos, seek retribution and are willing to bleed for their brothers.

Not all families are the ones you are born into, rather the ones you are willing to die for.

Grab this limited-edition collection before it’s gone forever!

Authors in this set include:

Lexy Timms & Autumn Gaze, Bella Faust, Ashley Lane, Lilly Atlas, Paige Price, Rae B. Lake, Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels, Katherine Isaac, J.D. Hollyfield, Tiffany Casper, Brooklyn Knight, Elizabeth Knight & Sinclair Kelly, Emma Creed, Manda Mellett, Crea Reitan, R.G. Angel, Kelly Kelsey, Sadie Rose, Rachelle Bonifay, and DJ Krimmer.


Department of Defense Series by Lexy Timms and Autumn Gaze

The only easy day was yesterday…


I’m a Navy SEAL on a mission to find out what’s happening in a politically-charged environment. When things go horribly wrong, I find myself saddled with my exact opposite: a female scientist who never runs out of questions or words. Now we’re stuck on a deserted island with no way off and information vital to avoiding World War III. Will we make it off the island in time to warn the world what’s coming? And will we do it with our hearts still intact?


They sent me to an island to find out why the marine life off the coast was behaving strangely. The only problem? It’s a contested land inhabited by terrorists. When I find myself stranded on the island with a Navy SEAL who saved my life, I don’t know whether we’ll make it off alive. But one thing I do know? I might be falling for the man with the haunting blue eyes. Before we find out whether we have a future together, we have to escape terrorists, get off the island, and save the world.

Department of Defense Series:

Dead Ahead
Blue Falcon
Joint Service
Indirect Attack


Crown and Glory by WJ May

New Preorder Release

My demons are not that easy to shake…

The Fae Realm was paradise, but compared to the place Gilly finds herself now, anything would be.

Kidnapped from her kind, she finds herself in one of the Seventeen Hells, face to face with a creature who’s set on selling her to the highest bidder, who just happens to be one of the Princes of Darkness. Escape seems impossible, but that won’t stop her from trying.

However, the more time she spends with her captor, the more she finds herself begrudgingly liking the man—until he transforms into a nine-foot-tall monster with horns. But Gilly isn’t the type of Fae to let a little thing like a monster get in her way…

Fae Wilds Series

Twist & Turns
Curse of the Fae
Force the Truth
Crown & Glory
Enemy & Rivals
Light in the Dark

USA Today Bestselling Author, W.J. May creates a new paranormal series with a world of Fae and Magic. Escape into a realm of fantasy creatures, love and deception, betrayal and jealousy.


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