Christmas in Black Rock by Luna James


Blurb: When a tall, handsome man named Sebastian Vaughn moves to Black Rock, Virginia, no one would’ve believed what his true motive was for moving to the small coal-mining town. Victoria Lane meets Sebastian one night at Rick’s Bar & Grill and becomes intrigued. She’s instantly drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

It’s the holiday season and Tori couldn’t be happier. As she gets to know Sebastian, she learns he loved Christmas as a kid. However, people change and Sebastian despises the holiday now. Tori takes it upon herself to make him fall in love with Christmas again.

Will Tori be able to change Sebastian’s mind about Christmas? Will he ever tell Tori what happened long ago to cause his dislike for the holiday season?

Find out in this intriguing prequel to Transformed, The Black Rock Series Book One.


Read this fun short story in Kindle Unlimited or purchase a copy! Maxton of Loxbeare has an Ebenezer Scrooge-moment when the Ghost of Christmas Future visits him.

Will he mend his ways? Find out!

(note: This novella was previously published last year as part of the O Night Divine collection)

Willful Widow by Elise Marion


First, she’ll steal his belongings, then she’ll steal his heart.

The death of Euphemia “Effie” Green’s husband has left her impoverished and desperate. Disguising herself as a highwayman to make ends meet is risky, but with a young son and ailing aunt to provide for, she is willing to risk both her life and her freedom. That is, until she finds notorious rake Griffin St. John on the other end of her pistol.

Griffin has grown bored of a life of indulgence and idleness. He knows something is missing from his free-wheeling, bachelor’s existence but has no idea how to find it. Fate crosses his path with that of a widowed seamstress who masquerades as a highwayman in the dark of night. The mystery of Effie Green is too compelling to be ignored, leading Griffin to learn more about the woman who fleeced him of his valuables.

Offering to make her his mistress is outrageously inappropriate, but it’s the only way he can think of to keep her out of danger. Effie accepts Griffin’s scandalous offer, hoping to make a better life for her son while protecting the shameful secret of her crimes.

However, an arrangement of convenience and desire becomes complicated as Effie struggles to reconcile her past self with the woman she has become. Griffin finds himself realizing that a temporary arrangement will never be enough when both Effie and her son have stolen his heart.

Can these unlikely lovers make a happily-ever-after from the twist of fate that brought them together?

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Lawless Ladies
Spinster Sister
Willful Widow
Beguiling Belle
Mysterious Maiden
Femme Fatale

Awaken the Sleeping Heart by Denise Domning

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t (Children of Graistan Book 2)


Book of Light & Shadow Box Set #1 by April A. Luna

Follow Sophia Mahoney as she steps between waking realities into the world she never knew existed. A world full of dark and white magic. A world where witches and gargoyles battle for a foothold.


Born from opposing fae factions, Sophia must make a choice, which side will she choose, the light or the darkness?

Aden Clarkson, a member of the Grgul’ya Codex clan, doesn’t do relationships. He prefers a no strings, no commitment approach to dating—a prearranged, mutually gratifying association. A connection he both dominates and controls, that is, until the alluring scent of Sophia Mahoney crosses his path.

College student Sophia Mahoney’s life is upside down. Her uncle is dead—murdered. The Doccioner clan wants the Book of Light and Shadows, and an elite Maalik assassin is after her.


To stop a full-blown war between fae, Sophia must locate and unlock the Book of Light and Shadows.

The fated lovers theme continues with WISDOM.

Aden and Sophia find themselves thrust into new obstacles, including grave doubts, devastating loss, rogue gargoyles, witches, and warlocks, as well as a frightening threat of revenge that’s lurking in the shadows of every corner.

Life on Earth is about to change for all of humanity. The Doccioner clan, with the help of elitist Maalik assassins, seek to shatter the masquerade and expose the supernatural world


A Christmas to Remember by Pat Hanratty

NEW PREORDER RELEASEIt’s never too late to find a resolution of an intractable karmic mess, or is it?

“A Christmas To Remember,” tells the story of Jack and Tanya, two star-crossed lovers who have a love-hate relationship.

Rick, the boss, completes the triangle. During an office Christmas Party, Rick and Jack vy for Tanya’s affection, further binding the trio together.

After Tanya walks out on him, Jack seeks out the services of his Chinese spiritual advisor, who provides him with a hallucinogenic, which allows Jack to experience his past lives. Here, he must eliminate the destructive karmic relationships with Rick and Tanya.

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NEW RELEASE 12 Days of Christmas by Lexy Timms

** Welcome to Day 3**

Join in the holiday spirit with this festive read & some laughs to get you into the Christmas season.

Lexy Timms brings you a holiday romance with 12 days of Christmas

– each part of the story releasing like opening an advent calendar!

Believe in the magic of Christmas…

It’s 12 days of festive fun, what could possibly go wrong?

The beauty of Christmas lies not just in the date, but in the feeling it gives…

She’s not the biggest fan of Christmas – which is akin to a major sin in the little town of Snowflake Hollow. And with a name like Holly White, it’s fitting that she owns the only B&B in town. The whole season is a huge deal, and the people coming to stay at the B&B are paying a premium to get the ultimate festive experience. She’s trying to keep the guests busy, but Hank the Handyman just broke his leg trying to hang the lights. Now she has to figure out how to make the holiday festivities happen all by herself.

Enter Lawson Lane.

Mister green eyes, tall, dark and handsome, has come home to see his mother over the holidays, and is surprised to see Holly as the owner of the B&B. When he notices her struggling to get things done, he offers a helping hand. Seeing Holly again and enjoying the holidays might take a Christmas miracle—or he might end up with a lump of coal in his stocking.

Taken By The Mob Boss by Lexy Timms

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(A Dark Mafia Romance Series Book 1)

EVIL begins when you start to treat people as things…

A kidnapping isn’t how I expected to meet the woman of my dreams.

But when my brother, intent on proving himself as the hardcore gangster he wants to be, comes up with the idea to kidnap the daughter of a powerful crime boss, I know I can’t stop him. And that’s how I meet Charlotte.

Beautiful, intelligent, graceful – and hurting from the life she’s been trapped into living. She wants to get out of this world just as much as I do, and it doesn’t take long till we fall for each other, hard and fast.

Except time is running out for both of us.

If we’re going to be together, we need to act fast – and do something that we can never renege on…

Book 1 – Taken By The Mob Boss
Book 2 – Truce With The Mob Boss
Book 3 – Taking Over The Mob Boss
Book 4 – Trouble For The Mob Boss
Book 5 – Tailored By The Mob Boss
Book 6 – Tricking By The Mob Boss


The Queen’s Alpha Series by WJ May

Available Now!!!

I will fight for what is mine.

When the king is murdered, Katerina, his only daughter, must flee for her life. She finds herself on a strange and dangerous path. Alone for the first time, she’s forced to rely upon her wits and the kindness of strangers, while protecting her royal secret at the same time.

Because she alone knows the truth. It was her brother who killed the king. And he’s coming for her next.

Alone and struggling, she finds herself an instant target until a mysterious protector comes to her aid. Together, and with a collection of the most unlikely friends, the group must navigate through an enchanted world just as fantastical as it can be deadly. But time is not on their side.

With her brother’s assassins closing in at every turn, Katerina must unlock a secret that’s hidden deep inside her. The only thing strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.

Can she find the answers she needs? Will she ever take her rightful place on the throne?

Only one thing is certain: she’s running out of time

Be careful who you trust. Even the devil was once an angel.


Breaking to Pieces by A. L. Hartwell

A Before I Break Novel Book 1

Olivia Heart has a tragic past and a closed heart. Focusing on her fledgling career to become a lawyer she doesn’t realize a moment of kindness, eight years ago, would be the undoing of all her hard work to remain hidden. Giving away her plane ticket in an act of defiance, Olivia seals her fate to a man who sees right through her.

In the passing eight years, Luca Caruso waits in the shadows, protecting her with his anonymity, money, and four highly trained guards – repaying his debt. The repayment stalls when one guard steps out of line, forcing Luca to steal her away, to submit to a life of his blinding obsession and desire.

Olivia wrestles with her head and her heart, desiring her freedom but also the secrets from the man that stole her away in the middle of the night. Amid his desperation for her acceptance, Olivia begins to uncover his dark secrets and attempts to flee. Feeling betrayed, Luca forces Olivia to make a difficult decision.

To bend or break? The choice is hers.

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