Truth by D.S. Tossell

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I am a liar. I am a deceiver. I am a betrayer. My name is Anna, and I am a monster.

Anna’s talents are unquestionable, but more than that, they are specific. Anna was taught to study her target. Learn everything about them, their schedule, what they like to do in their spare time and even the company they kept. Her parents made her who she is today, and when she finally leaves the past behind her, life reminds her it has a way of catching back up to her. Anna has been honest with him, giving him the opportunity to look away, to leave her to her sins, but he has followed her anyway, and so now, Anna must destroy his heart in order to save him.

My name is Alan, and I am a fool. All his life AIan has loved Anna. Her heart has always been guarded, protecting something sacred, but she has finally given him a chance. When everything blows up in their faces, he does the only thing he can. The thing he is best at doing by trying to make the most out of the horrid situation that is put in front of him. Little did he know his heart would receive pain and ache, unlike anything he has ever experienced.

The Marooner by Barbara Devlin

Pirates of the Coast Book 5

Lady Sophia Grace Radcliff, the epitome of a genteel Englishwoman, has no idea what awaits her, when she is summoned to her father’s study to meet her prospective husband. Given the miserable state of the family finances, she understands she will be sold to the highest bidder, to save the earldom from a humiliating declaration of insolvency, and it is a sacrifice she is prepared to accept. But the impeccably tailored garb and clean-shaven face do nothing to conceal the menacing demeanor of her intended. How will she survive a match to a man she fears?

Leland Stryker, known throughout the pirate ranks as The Marooner, for his practice of abandoning his victims on deserted islands, is a ruthless buccaneer who reluctantly signs a pact with the English, in exchange for a full pardon for past crimes. But the Crown extends no protection to the fairer sex, and it is in the sensual realm that Leland feeds his basic instincts. After he successfully negotiates the purchase of a highborn bride, he proceeds to well and truly debauch her. But something happens on the journey to America, as his wife assumes her position without complaint, and soon Leland realizes he faces his most lethal opponent. Who will win the battle of the hearts?

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Get Your Duke On Anthology!!!

Dragonblade Publishing Anthology!!!

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Welcome to a rollicking summer in Regency England, where the weather is warm, the ladies warmer, and the dukes sizzling-hot!

For lovers of historical romance, lose yourself in this collection of never before published Regency tales. From gambling halls to ballrooms, you’ll enjoy a summer with a wide cast of unforgettable characters. Themes from your favorite summertime songs have inspired these tales, so get ready for fun, fun, fun or a little old lady who drives her phaeton far too fast.

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It’s glamour, passion, and adventure in one magical summer in Regency England!

Empowered by the Earl by Alexa Aston

New Release

First sons inherit all. Third sons are promised to the church. Second sons do their duty and serve in the military—unless fate intervenes and turns their lives upside down.

Welcome to Second Sons of London, a new Regency Historical Romance series by bestselling author Alexa Aston, where seven men who are second sons lay claim to fabulous wealth and lofty titles and fulfill their destinies when they find their soulmates.

A self-assured earl who doesn’t like rules. A poised beauty mature beyond her years. Neither thinks they want or need love . . .

Major Owen Hasbury returns from the Napoleonic Wars as the new Earl of Danbury. He’s ready to enjoy life and make love to as many women as he can before settling down and siring an heir. His attitude irks his two closest friends, men who have come into recent titles and made love matches.

Louisa Goulding has a reputation as a bit of a bluestocking. She has served as her father’s hostess since her mother’s death years ago and has been an active part of the meetings in their home with her father’s War Office colleagues, giving her little time for social events. With the war over, Louisa wants to fully participate in the Season and finally live a life for herself, finding a husband who will give her children.

At the insistence of mutual friends, Louisa and Owen meet. She calls him out as a rake, telling him she won’t waste any time on him. But her beauty and intelligence intrigue Owen. He becomes friends with Louisa, even teaching her how to kiss, finally realizing the perfect woman is right before him.

Can Owen convince Louisa that he has changed—or will he lose her to another lord at the house party they attend together?

Find the answer in bestselling author Alexa Aston’s Empowered by the Earl, the third book in Second Sons of London.

Each book in Second Sons of London is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Second Sons of London
Book 1: Educated by the Earl
Book 2: Debating with the Duke
Book 3: Empowered by the Earl
Book 4: Made for the Marquess
Book 5: Dubious about the Duke
Book 6: Valued by the Viscount
Book 7: Meant for the Marquess

Fortuna & Fed Up by Larry Griffin

Two Crime Thriller Short DLG Original Book 3 & 6


Friends, family, and murder–a recipe for deception in the fishing community of Fortuna.

In idyllic Fortuna, a murder sets off an island-wide controversy, and an ex-con is the immediate suspect.

Stefan, a former detective turned retired general store owner, senses something is amiss, and sets out to get to the bottom of it, but what he finds may not offer a comforting resolution.

Fed Up

They’ve been evicted and have nothing left to lose.

Evicted and losing their already-poorly-paid jobs and forced to work in the gig economy, Gavin and Colleen decide they want to take matters into their own hands by kidnapping their former landlord. Once they have the ransom, they’ll be on their way to Aruba for the sun and sand and surf and all. It’s an airtight plan, or is it?

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Pat Hanratty New Releases

The Italian Cafe: Deeper meanings underly events in our lives that are connected to past-life actions.

When his new wife is shot dead in front his eyes, Tony Mason seeks out the services of a hypnotist, Libby Frasure, for relief from blinding cluster headaches. In a trance state, Tony begins speaking in a raspy voice, saying he wants to make spiritual amends. He resists this until he experiences a non-ordinary state of consciousness and realizes his life’s purpose.

Possession: Who are these people, and why are they calling me ‘Junior’ when my name is Harry?

Middle-aged Harry Riley finds himself in the body of sixteen-year old Junior Hanson and learns he has been dead for three-months. Harry resides with Christine and Ronald Hanson. He learns that Hanson and Monique poisoned him to get his million dollar life insurance.

Harry enlists the help of his fellow therapist, Robin Burns, to help him sort out things while he attends high school. They enlist Monique’s mother to help with their effort to obtain justice.

Asleep one night, Harry is awakened by a gun in his face. At the other end is Ronald Hanson, who seeks to shoot him.

The Carver (Reawakened Mysteries Book 1)

Four friends party while a serial killer walks the streets in the Carver.

Three Brothers Book 2

Psychologist Gerry Finn’s colleague is murdered and Finn wants answers.

“A Christmas To Remember,” tells the story of Jack and Tanya, two star-crossed lovers who have a love-hate relationship.

Reawakened Mysteries Book 3

Jackson Mann remembers his murder—in another life, from another time.

This opens a door he must walk through at his own peril.

“The Lottery Winner” is a short story about Tom Wolfe, an attorney who has compromised his ethics to achieve success and Cal Petersen, his biological son who have two things in common: a photographic memory and big feet.

Devil’s Bay by Lexy Timms

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Betrayal At The Bay Series Book 1

USA Today Bestselling Author, Lexy Timms, weaves a story of loss, danger, and risking it all for love.

Always have an escape plan…

Claire Carpenter is haunted by tragedy. When her brother is found murdered, she swears to get justice and find his killer. However, the police in small-town Devil’s Bay are running out of leads and ready to drop the case. The chance for justice dwindles until the handsome FBI agent sent to investigate arrives and reawakens a desire Claire buried a long time ago.

As a seasoned field agent, Fletcher Hughes knows how to track killers. But Claire Carpenter is more than the FBI agent bargained for. With the opportunity to kill, Claire instantly becomes his lead suspect in the case and Fletcher is ready to harden his already frozen heart. Too bad gorgeous Claire stirs his blood and makes him want to rewrite the rules.

When more bodies start to pile up Fletcher is determined to stick to Claire and see the case through, because it doesn’t matter if the killer on the loose is Claire Carpenter herself or someone else in the shadows. He won’t rest until he gets the truth. Even if he has to seduce her.

Betrayal At the Bay
Devil’s Bay
Devil’s Deceit
Devil’s Duplicity

Mending Magic Box Set!

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Dystopian Paranormal Teen Romance

USA Today Bestselling YA & Paranormal author, W.J. May takes you along a journey of finding oneself, finding your strengths and your weaknesses, of knowing who to trust and how far you are willing to go.

Your curse is your biggest strength.

I just didn’t know it yet.

Jamie Hunt’s the high school quarterback in his senior year. He’s popular, smart, got the prettiest girl in the school chasing him. Everything couldn’t be more perfect.

But a single mistake changes everything. His new “ability” puts him in the middle of a war he doesn’t want to be a part of, protecting a girl he barely knows and running from the one thing he loves—his family.

Never give up. Never give in.

Mending Magic Series:
Lost Souls
Illusion of Power
Challenging the Dark

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As Written by Lisa Colodny

New Release

Vietnam was a world away from the rolling hills of rural Kentucky. For Alton, most everything he had ever known or loved could be found among the lush green trees and blue rushing waters of his daddy’s farm. Follow God’s plan, he told himself, over and over again while serving his country. And it was a prevalent theme in his letters home to his family and friends.

As Written is an ageless story of hope, love, and loss told through the eyes of a soldier who wants nothing more than to make his family proud and return safely home as soon as is possible. Coming from a faith-based family, he believes what he writes in his letters home, about fulfilling god’s plan for him and moving forward to the next chapter of life, whatever that happens to be.

As the months pass, he faces death around many corners and his faith is tested time and time again. Although he truly believes his fate is already determined by God’s plan, he would be lying if he denied being afraid. At times, it was the fear that fulfilled his desire to get home safely to his family where they could all live out the rest of their chapters of life as God has written.

The Stablemaster’s Daughter by Barbara Devlin

Pirates of the Coast Book 4

In the game of hearts, love knows no social boundaries.

Eleven years after she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Kent, Henrietta Katherine Graham, the daughter of the stablemaster for the Marquess of Ravenwood, returns to Garring Manor, older, wiser, and more beautiful than ever. Harboring an attachment for the second son, she looks forward to a sweet reunion and is thrilled when her beau resumes their relationship, without hesitation, and proposes marriage, but her father opposes the match, due to what he refers to as her low birth. Will Henrietta defy her father and societal dictates to follow her heart?

Lord Ernest Cornelius Frederick Howe values society’s good opinion, but he is shunned after a failed attempt to seize the marquessate in his brother’s absence. When he retires to the family estate, he is shocked to find his childhood sweetheart in residence, and nothing can stop him from renewing their acquaintance. Determined to win his ladylove, he devises a scheme to redefine Henrietta as something she is not, to protect his future wife and satisfy the whims of the ton, but he risks losing his bride, in the process. Will Ernest flout society to claim the woman he loves?




Book 1 The Black Morass

Book 2 The Iron Corsair

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