Aristide by Barbara Devlin

Brethren Origins Book 3 The charming Dionysia de Beaumais conceals more than her face behind a scarf. Despite her pleas for mercy, she is betrothed to a man with whom she shared pleasant conversation at court, and she dreads the inevitable disclosure of a painful past and her most intimate secret. But the giant knightContinue reading “Aristide by Barbara Devlin”

Upon a Midnight Dreary Anthology

A Halloween Anthology  When doors creak and ghostly whispers can be heard throughout the halls, this stunning collection of haunted Historical Romance novellas is sure to leave you breathless with ethereal, romantic tales… Welcome to UPON A MIDNIGHT DREARY anthology! Many of your favorite Historical Romance authors have come together for a collection of never-beforeContinue reading “Upon a Midnight Dreary Anthology”

Always the Second Choice by Emily EK Murdoch

Never the Bride Book 12 Always the second choice and never the bride – even at her own wedding… Olivia Lymington never liked her sister, but twins are always supposed to be close. Now Isabella is engaged to the charming and handsome Colin Vaughn, Duke of Larnwick, and Olivia is forced to act as chaperoneContinue reading “Always the Second Choice by Emily EK Murdoch”

Come the Dawn by Christina Skye

The Dangerous Delameres Book 2 India, the beautiful and headstrong sister of Come the Night‘s hero, Luc Delamere, fell in love with the rakish Devlyn Carlisle when they were just children. Innocent love bloomed into deepest passion when they reconnected as adults. But soon after the two are joined in a secret wedding bond, the NapoleonicContinue reading “Come the Dawn by Christina Skye”

Baby It’s Hot Outside by Harper Cross

Agents of HEAT Book 0 It’s Christmas Eve in Vegas, and I swiped right on the wrong guy. My once-promising espionage career’s in a ditch, my love life’s on life support, and I’ve just been stood up by bleached blond Johnny “the lounge lizard” Cisnero. I’m getting over it, though, because Mr. Tall, Dark andContinue reading “Baby It’s Hot Outside by Harper Cross”

‘Til an End Defined by Time by Katie Byron

Til an End Defined by Time is a novella series about self-discovery, self-love and inner strength. Spanning the 1970s through the present day, travel with Kat and Rory as they discover their sexuality and capacity for passion. Rory Tucker, a straight woman, lives in the hill towns of Western Massachusetts with her redneck husband. SheContinue reading “‘Til an End Defined by Time by Katie Byron”

Fortuna & Fed Up by Larry Griffin

Two Crime Thriller Short DLG Original Book 3 & 6 Fortuna Friends, family, and murder–a recipe for deception in the fishing community of Fortuna. In idyllic Fortuna, a murder sets off an island-wide controversy, and an ex-con is the immediate suspect. Stefan, a former detective turned retired general store owner, senses something is amiss, and setsContinue reading “Fortuna & Fed Up by Larry Griffin”

Killing Me Softly

A Romantic Suspense Anthology Are you brave enough to wander on the dark side? Do forbidden desires and tantalizing temptations call to you? Get ready to step into the world of lies, deceit and revenge. Worlds where you can’t look away. No is not an option. Where strong men but even stronger women reside. TestContinue reading “Killing Me Softly”

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 – 6 by WJ May

Paranormal Fantasy Young Adult/New Adult Romance Book 1 – Rae of Hope How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?Fifteen year-old Rae Kerrigan never really knew her family’s history. Her mother & father died when she was young; it is only when she accepts a scholarship toContinue reading “The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 – 6 by WJ May”


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