**99 cents for a Limited Time Only**

Chimera (A Rescue Me Series Novel) by Lisa Colodny More 99 cents deals through August: https://kingstonpublishing.com/promotions/ Blurb: A chimera is an illusion, an idea of something that can never be. In mythology, the pseudo-creature has the head of a lion, body of a goat, and a serpent’s tail spliced together into a freak of natureContinue reading “**99 cents for a Limited Time Only**”

The Season Series by Denise Domning

On Sale!!! Each book is only 99 cents From Book 1: A PROUD WOMAN, AN ARROGANT MAN, A BRUTAL TIME  Her years in a nunnery taught Rowena of Benfield many things, but not how to be a wife to the powerful lord who claims her as his bride. She vows never to submit to thisContinue reading “The Season Series by Denise Domning”