Pat Hanratty New Releases

The Italian Cafe: Deeper meanings underly events in our lives that are connected to past-life actions. When his new wife is shot dead in front his eyes, Tony Mason seeks out the services of a hypnotist, Libby Frasure, for relief from blinding cluster headaches. In a trance state, Tony begins speaking in a raspy voice,Continue reading “Pat Hanratty New Releases”

Mending Magic Box Set!

Free Box Set!!!! Dystopian Paranormal Teen Romance USA Today Bestselling YA & Paranormal author, W.J. May takes you along a journey of finding oneself, finding your strengths and your weaknesses, of knowing who to trust and how far you are willing to go. Your curse is your biggest strength. I just didn’t know it yet.Continue reading “Mending Magic Box Set!”

Hell in a handbag Series by Lisa Acrebo

**Free In Kindle Unlimited ** Life is bad after the apocalypse . . . the undead just made it worse. Jenna Martin should be partying at college. Instead, her only goal is survival. A pandemic has killed most of the population, leaving her to live in a world gone insane. Being alive after the apocalypseContinue reading “Hell in a handbag Series by Lisa Acrebo”

Royal Factions Box Set Books #1-3 by WJ May

Free Box Set!!! Book 1 – The Price for Peace How do you keep fighting when you’ve already been claimed? When sixteen-year-old Elise is ripped from her home and taken to the royal palace as a permanent ‘guest’, she thinks her life is over. Little does she know it has only just begun… After befriendingContinue reading “Royal Factions Box Set Books #1-3 by WJ May”

Price for Peace by WJ May

❥¸.•´¨`•✿ ❥ Free Book How do you keep fighting, when you’ve already been claimed? When sixteen-year-old Elise is ripped from her home and taken to the royal palace as a permanent ‘guest,’ she thinks her life is over. Little does she know, it has only just begun… After befriending a group of other captives, includingContinue reading “Price for Peace by WJ May”

Tea with Death by Desiree McCracken

**Death With Tea Book 1** Death came to tea the day Randy found out he had cancer, and boy, what a difference a day made. Randy’s life is great. He has a loyal dog named Cujo, and a lovely girlfriend he’s about to propose to. Only one issue, during a follow-up doctor appointment, he learnsContinue reading “Tea with Death by Desiree McCracken”

DLG Original (7 book series)

** Free in Kindle Unlimited** DLG Original is a multi-authored series. The series content contains short stories from multiple genres: science fiction, paranormal, romance, space opera, fantasy, and thrillers.

Seventh Mark by WJ May

★⋰⋰⋱ Free Book⋰⋰⋱★ ( The Hidden Secrets Saga Book 1 &2) USA Today bestselling author, W.J. May, brings you Seventh Mark Part 1 & 2 in one collection! If you discovered something about yourself that was less than pleasant, would you search for the answers or would you be too afraid of what you mightContinue reading “Seventh Mark by WJ May”

Crossroads Series by Denise Spain

Love and monsters collide on a mysterious roadway. Can a mysterious ally help Ettie and Nolan find her aunt’s killer? Ettie has her hands full at her father’s benefit dinner in Spokane. First, she has to deal with her best friend and possible love of her life, Nolan, burying his pain and the past atContinue reading “Crossroads Series by Denise Spain”

First Bite Anthology

First Bite: A Limited Edition Vampire Romance Collection Love at first bite. Only a vampire can cherish you forever. Fated mates. Secretive predators hiding in plain sight, waiting to devour their one true love. Vampire royalty searching for the only soul that can save their world. This limited edition has all the vampire tropes andContinue reading “First Bite Anthology”