In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark

NEW RELEASE!!!! In Solitude and Solace is an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken. The words between the lines were crafted to help youContinue reading “In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark”

Brides of the Anarchy by Kathryn Le Veque

A Medieval Romance Bundle Five FULL LENGTH novels – over a thousand pages of Medieval pageantry from the Queen of Medieval Romance. Purchase the bundle to keep or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Brides in the Anarchy (and post-Anarchy) of Medieval England weren’t shrinking violets. They fought battles, managed castles, managed their men, andContinue reading “Brides of the Anarchy by Kathryn Le Veque”

Echoes of Abandon by Paula Quinn

(Echoes In Time Book 2) NYC Detective Michael Pendridge doesn’t have to think about all he’s lost since the day he put on the uniform eleven years ago. The ghosts are always there, fresh in his mind. This job has cost him his soul. It has taken everyone he’s allowed himself to care about. ItContinue reading “Echoes of Abandon by Paula Quinn”

A Servant of the Crown Mystery Series by Denise Domning

A MILLER FOUND UNDER HIS WHEELIt’s 1194 and Sir Faucon de Ramis, the shire’s newly appointed Keeper of the Pleas, must do his duty and make an official declaration of the cause of a miller’s death. Saddled with a clerk who names Faucon his ‘penance’, the shire’s first Crowner must thread the tangled relationships betweenContinue reading “A Servant of the Crown Mystery Series by Denise Domning”

Unsolved Mystery Series by Kim Knight

Nothing’s quite what it seems with unsolved mysteries, uncover the ‘smoke and mirrors’ with best-selling author Kim Knight. The Unsolved Mysteries series features fast-paced and gripping crime, mystery, thriller, and suspenseful stories set different locations around the world. Each story can be read as a stand-alone. Mysteries that were left unsolved are re-investigated and closedContinue reading “Unsolved Mystery Series by Kim Knight”

Crown of Conquest by Marie F. Crow

The Siren Series Book 3 It’s been over a decade since Verona left her childhood home in the hands of Corander and the remaining Noble Borns. With her daughter’s birthday approaching, it’s time to take back what was hers. Completely. Corander, lost in his pursuit to prove himself, has held those who answer to himContinue reading “Crown of Conquest by Marie F. Crow”

The Earl and the Lily by Everley Gregg

Forgotten Flowers of Flanders Book 3 An English earl. A Flemish manuscript illuminator. A fledgling romance as delicate as glass. An artist to the core, Lijsbet Lambert dedicated her life to her craft…and to the Master of the workshop with his empty promise of marriage. But it’s been eight long years and sadly, he’s tiredContinue reading “The Earl and the Lily by Everley Gregg”

Blindsided by Will Hallewell

New Release!!! Danny Esposito and Eddie Banks are two men taking different paths in pursuit of the same goal. When their two worlds literally collide in a vicious hit that leaves one of them unconscious on the ice with a concussion, they are forced to reevaluate their lives as well as their futures. Taking theContinue reading “Blindsided by Will Hallewell”

The Look of a Storme by Sandra Sookoo

(The Storme Brothers Book 3) Fear can be a bully unless one beats it back in order to chase adventure and love. The Honorable Francis Hildebrand Storme—Brand to those closest to him—didn’t come out of the Navy unscathed. Though he’s a handsome, gallant officer, the loss of an eye doesn’t exactly appeal to the ladies.Continue reading “The Look of a Storme by Sandra Sookoo”

Pit Stop by Stephanie Nichole

NEW PREORDER RELEASE Tillman has done some unthinkable things. His soul is tarnished and stained, but now, he’s here to make things right. Pit Stop is his way to redemption but then the brightest light and biggest temptation shows up. Now, he might just blow everything again…for her. Odette is everything he doesn’t deserve butContinue reading “Pit Stop by Stephanie Nichole”