Lessons in Ruin by Avery Maitland

New Preorder Release (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 3) “Dearest Diary, there is something to be said for our little games… I have begun to find allies where I previously thought I had none. But I cannot trust everyone, now can I? There are whispers everywhere, but I will tell only you my secrets.” Constance BlackwoodContinue reading “Lessons in Ruin by Avery Maitland”

Lessons in Scanda by Avery Maitland

Her Majesty’s Matchmaker Book 1 “Dearest Diary, you will not believe the lengths that I must go to secure my place as the Queen’s favorite… gossip in the court is spreading, but I will tell only you my secrets.”  Welcome to book 1 in this exciting new series from best selling author Avery Maitland. Scandal.Continue reading “Lessons in Scanda by Avery Maitland”