The Strangled Servant by E.L. Johnson

New Release He believes in her innocence, but could he be falling for a killer? Welcome to book 1 in the exciting new series The Perfect Poison Murders from bestselling author E.L. Johnson! 1806 Hertfordshire – The worst held secret in town is that shy Poppy Morton has been in love with Tom since theyContinue reading “The Strangled Servant by E.L. Johnson”

The Accidental Duke By Barbara Devlin

The Mad Matchmaking Men of Waterloo Book 1 What happens when the Mad Matchmakers of Waterloo join forces to find wives for each other? Delectable chaos. And no woman in London is safe. A WOUNDED WARRIORBritish Army Major Anthony Erasmus Hildebrand Bartlett, 7th Marquess of Rockingham, returns to London a tortured soul after losing anContinue reading “The Accidental Duke By Barbara Devlin”

In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark

NEW RELEASE!!!! In Solitude and Solace is an embarking poetry book that dives into the world of love, heartbreak, depression, self-love, grief, and inner strength. While showcasing emotions sketched in pose and rhyme; even a twist of fantasy, and words that we all leave unspoken. The words between the lines were crafted to help youContinue reading “In Solitude and Solace by McKenzie Stark”

I Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix

New ReleaseI At sixteen, Brie Darnet was always considered the good girl.With temptation around every corner, she has managed to hold tightly to her morals even in high school. Life was perfect until…it wasn’t anymore. When tragedy struck, Brie lost her older sister and was struck with grief. Brie suddenly finds herself the target ofContinue reading “I Don’t Belong Here by Jessica Wettig Hendrix”

High Roller by Lexy Timms

New Release A Dark Casino Romance Series Book 1 High risks equal high rewards – why not roll the dice to find out? I’m a high roller, I won’t deny it. I can buy anything I want. What I need is to settle down. But how the hell am I meant to find the rightContinue reading “High Roller by Lexy Timms”

The Bunkmate by Lexy Timms

New Release Roommate Wanted Series Book 2 Abigail A few weeks ago, I was a nobody at Gulf Coast University. Now I’m the most popular girl on campus. All thanks to my roommate, star quarterback Casey Turner. Everybody wants a piece of me, but all I want is Casey. He’s sexy and funny, with theContinue reading “The Bunkmate by Lexy Timms”

The Lottery Winner by Pat Hanratty

New Release Reawakened Mysteries Book 4 The story of two men who share a deep connection and karma. “The Lottery Winner” is a short story about Tom Wolfe, an attorney who has compromised his ethics to achieve success and Cal Petersen, his biological son who have two things in common: a photographic memory and bigContinue reading “The Lottery Winner by Pat Hanratty”

Eau De Parfum: Eric’s Story Short by Lisa Acerbo

** New Release**(Hell in a Handbag) The smell of Streaker lingers in the air. I must be dead! I woke up naked and covered in blood. Teeth marks littered my arms, creating holes and revealing muscle. Someone or something attempted to gnaw off my elbow. I’m alone! So, maybe, I’m worse than dead. If friendsContinue reading “Eau De Parfum: Eric’s Story Short by Lisa Acerbo”

Truth or Consequences by Faith Justice

**States of Panic Book 1** What does archaeology student Danielle Herring discover in the shadows of her family tree? Corruption, murder, sex, and a serial killer ring. She’s the only biological heir to an estate, things should be simple, right? She’s accompanied by the family attorney, Stephen Briggs, on what she thinks is a quickContinue reading “Truth or Consequences by Faith Justice”

Colorblind by B.S. Roberts

** NEW RELEASE** (Allodasos Book 3)Book 3 of 3: Allodasos “Colorblind” is a Contemporary Fantasy with a F/F Romance subplot. With the help of another nymph from Allodasos, can Eva and Kladi protect their home and find a way for her to see magic once again? Having survived her ordeal in Nekrodasos, Eva discovers thatContinue reading “Colorblind by B.S. Roberts”