Get Your Duke On Anthology!!!

Dragonblade Publishing Anthology!!! New Preorder Release Welcome to a rollicking summer in Regency England, where the weather is warm, the ladies warmer, and the dukes sizzling-hot! For lovers of historical romance, lose yourself in this collection of never before published Regency tales. From gambling halls to ballrooms, you’ll enjoy a summer with a wide castContinue reading “Get Your Duke On Anthology!!!”

The Impoverished Dowry by Emily E K Murdoch

New Preorder Release Coral de Petras is on the hunt for a rich husband, and she doesn’t care who knows it. In her third Season and starting to attract the wrong kind of attention, a chance introduction with a duke (sadly penniless) throws her completely off balance. She must find a wealthy husband, so herContinue reading “The Impoverished Dowry by Emily E K Murdoch”

BATTLEWOLFE by Kathryn Le Veque

New Preorder Release We’ll get to see the Original de Wolfe Pack in its prime – William, Paris, Kieran – all of them back on the field of battle. I had to work this story out very carefully, but I think it’s going to be a winner. Read the description and PRE ORDER! (Amazon earlyContinue reading “BATTLEWOLFE by Kathryn Le Veque”

Wicked & Ruthless: A Mafia Anthology

New Preorder Join us in a world that has rules to live by, and if you don’t follow them you swim with the fishes. Secrets, lies, corruption, and bosses of the illegal kind.The laws don’t pertain to them, not even a little. It’s their way or no way, accept it or watch as those aroundContinue reading “Wicked & Ruthless: A Mafia Anthology”

Of Mortal Fury by Kathryn Le Veque

🔥🔥99 cents April pre-order… OF MORTAL FURY!!🔥🔥 When Morgan de Wolfe, commander of Richmond Castle, is called by his liege Caius d’Avignon (Winter of Solace) into the full-fledged world of the Executioner Knights to go deep under cover, a de Wolfe becomes a Wolfe in sheep’s clothing for the sake of William Marshal and hisContinue reading “Of Mortal Fury by Kathryn Le Veque”

Dangerous by Mae Thorn

New Preorder Release Heartbreak follows her. Abigail Riverton flees scandal in New York and visits her dear friend, Delia Wolcott in Cornwall. The peace she hopes to find isn’t there. Someone is killing off the house guests at Briarwyck, and Abigail is the main suspect. She has the motive and opportunity, but who will believeContinue reading “Dangerous by Mae Thorn”

The Sword by Fil Reid

New Preorder Release Merlin’s sword in the stone has stood for three years in Dark Age Viroconium. Can Gwen get her husband there to draw it and set him on the road to becoming the king of legend? Gwen, a girl from the twenty-first century, was kidnapped back in time to become King Arthur’s QueenContinue reading “The Sword by Fil Reid”

Once Upon a Dukes With by Lana Williams

New Preorder Release An earl shadowed by the past meets a lady determined to start anew. Ella Wright brings her two younger sisters to London after the tragic death of their treasure-hunting father on Oak Island, hoping to secure their futures. But the city presents new challenges, the first of which is convincing their estrangedContinue reading “Once Upon a Dukes With by Lana Williams”

Crossroads Series by Denise Spain

Love and monsters collide on a mysterious roadway. Can a mysterious ally help Ettie and Nolan find her aunt’s killer? Ettie has her hands full at her father’s benefit dinner in Spokane. First, she has to deal with her best friend and possible love of her life, Nolan, burying his pain and the past atContinue reading “Crossroads Series by Denise Spain”