Bitter Flavor by Lexy Timms

New Release Who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet… Nick is extremely successful, locally well-known and incredibly talented. If only that was enough. After feeling betrayed by Alex, the two find a way to start to come back together just in time for his ex-girlfriend, Holly, to return. AndContinue reading “Bitter Flavor by Lexy Timms”

Worth The Expense by Lexy Timms

Love is not something you protect. It’s something you risk. Eleanor Sawyer is a fixer. People pay her to fix their companies for them, and she’s never met a problem she couldn’t figure out. Until Daniel Connor hired her. And it’s not his company she’s having problems with. No, she has a plan for howContinue reading “Worth The Expense by Lexy Timms”


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